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The Internet's best way to get legal recordings
of the live concerts you see.

LiveCut makes getting one-of-a-kind live recordings easy. During a performance and for a limited time after, LiveCut allows you to use our upcoming smartphone app, or simple text messaging and a web browser, to buy and download recordings from the concert.

LiveCut is growing its roster of great musical acts in the San Francisco area. Look for the signs or listen for announcements that LiveCut is recording your show. Then use your cell phone text messaging feature to order recordings from the show. Buy and download your recordings with your PC or with your Android smartphone, using our step-by-step instructions.


  • October 5, 2013:


    LiveCut will wind down operations by the end of 2013. Assets available for sale include the livecut.com domain and the registered U.S. trademark, LiveCut, used for digital music sales and digital recording services. Please with your interest in these assets. As an effect of the wind-down, some portions of this site (ordering, Catalog, Fulfill, Buy) will no longer operate.

  • June 27, 2013: On Android Jelly Bean (v4.1.1), and probably other versions after Froyo (2.2), when you don't use the app, the browser downloads your music with the correct title and type from the links you receive from us in text messages. On 2.2, the download completes and plays back, but the file has the wrong name and type.

  • Nov. 17, 2012: The LiveCut smartphone app for Android, Beta version is now available! LiveCut for iPhone is still under development.

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